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(Monopoly) bank app for iOS, Android and UWP created with Xamarin.Forms in C#
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Virtual Bank (Beta)

Virtual bank for games that uses virtual currency.

NOTE: This app is currently in beta and still has a lot of issues!


An app for iOS, Android and UWP that lets you transfer money between users. Used instead of having the virtual currency some games have. Designed for Monopoly in mind, but obviously works for other games too.


  • Runs on iOS, Android and UWP
  • Customizable to enable/disable notifications, money rounding etc.
  • Virtual dice that can optionally auto re-roll (if you roll doubles)
  • Light, dark and black themes
  • Fully free and open source


Currently, you need to go to the releases page, pick your platform (.ipa for iOS, .apk for Android and .appxbundle for UWP) and install it manually. There's no update checker, so you need to install updates manually the same way. Once the app is completed, it will be available on Google Play and Microsoft Store.


All screenshots showcases the dark theme. Keep in mind that the app is still in beta, so some things may not look correct or may be changed later. Screenshots are from iOS 11.4 (left side) and Android 9.0 (right side).

Home Page
Game Page
Money Transfer Page
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