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Atlassian OnDemand backup
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Atlassian OnDemand backup

Atlassian OnDemand does not offer an API for doing backups. This project provides two small scripts to a) assist with creating (using Ruby and the mechanize gem) and b) downloading (using curl and some retry-logic take from here).

These scripts are intended to be executed using cron.


  • Requires curl and Ruby 1.9 (and the bundler gem), optionally managed using RVM (a Ruby with the alias 1.9 must be installed)
  • bundle install


Both scripts rely on environment variables for configuration:

  • AODB_HOST: the fully-qualified domain name for the instance (e.g.
  • AODB_USER: the username (requires administrator privileges)
  • AODB_PASS: the password
  • AODB_TARGET one of JIRA or Confluence

You might want to put those exports into a file which you source before running either create.rb or


  • AODB_TARGET=JIRA ./create.rb - create a JIRA backup for the instance specified in AODB_HOST. The script will return immediately - before downloading you should wait for a couple of minutes before downloading (the exact amount of time depends on the size of your backup).
  • AODB_TARGET=JIRA ./download.rb - download the JIRA backup via WebDAV.
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