Integration of Transmission torrent client with Unity Launcher
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What is this?

This is small script for integrating Transmission with Unity Launcher. Transmission icon in launcher will show number of downloading torrents and total progress. Quicklist menu item allows to view and toggle "Turtle mode".


python-gobject and python-transmissionrpc packages. Both are available in Ubuntu repositories.


Start Transmission, open preferences and enable Web client. Default configuration with port 9091, no authentication and connection allowed from only is fine.

However, if you want to use authorization, you will have to provide additional parameters to script. Use --help for details.

Download script anywhere and make it executable.

Copy transmission-gtk.desktop file from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/share/applications and edit it:

  • Prepend /path/to/ to command, so if it was transmission-gtk %U now it should be /path/to/ transmission-gtk %U;
  • Make copied .desktop file executable.

That's all. Now start Transmission using new .desktop file or from Unity Dash.


If script doesn't work, start it manually from command line, it will write log messages to console.

Feel free to create issue if there are any problems.


Planned features:

  • Extending launcher item menu with items to control speed, to start and stop torrents.