An open-source JavaScript library for creating card games.
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An open-source JavaScript library for creating card games.

The project is written in ECMAScript 6 and uses ESDoc for documentation.

Getting started

import Deckster from 'deckster';
import Standard52CardDeck from 'deckster-deck-standard-52card';

// Initialize the array of players who can participate in a game's rounds
let players = [
  new Deckster.Player(0),
  new Deckster.Player(1),
  new Deckster.Player(2),
  new Deckster.Player(3)

// Initialize new instance of a standard playing card deck
let deck = new Standard52CardDeck();

// Creates a new game instance which has a set of cards available to play with
let game = new Deckster.Game(deck);

// Initiates a new round of the game, in which the deck gets shuffled, and 
// cards can be dealt from it
let round = game.createRound(players);