Content Blocker App for iOS and OSX
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BuddyBuild license

  • Blocks content from annoying ad networks thereby loading pages super fast

  • Useful for data-capped, international roaming data connections

  • Blocking rules are at RediffBlock/blockerList.json

  • View JSON in app

  • Universal app contains link to Settings, JSON and instructions for turning on Content Blockers


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How to Install - iOS

You need Xcode 7 or later. And an iOS device running atleast iOS 9.

Step 1

Open a new terminal window in OS X. Refer to this guide on using the OS X Terminal.

git clone

Step 2

  cd BlockParty

Step 3

Open BlockParty.xcodeproj in Xcode.

Step 4

Build and run the application.

  • When running this application on a device you will need to add a signing profile in the project's Build Settings.

Step 5

Allow BlockParty in Content Blockers under Settings → Safari.

How to Install - OS X

BlockParty is not available in the Safari Extensions Gallery yet. Instead, you can download from here or build from source.

  • Download Safari Extension - BlockParty OS X

    • To install Safari Extension, double click or drag to Safari.
    • This extension takes effect immediately. You do not need to restart Safari.
  • Follow the below instructions to install from source.


  • iPad mini 2 running iOS 9
  • iPhone 6 running iOS 9
  • Desktop version tested on Safari 9 for Yosemite & El Capitan

Device Compatibility

  • iPhone: iPhone 5 and above
  • iPad: iPad (4th generation) or iPad mini (2nd generation) and above
  • iPod touch: iPod touch (6th generation)