Generate localised app store images in Sketch in an instant.
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Automatic generation of localised app store images in Sketch with react-sketchapp.

New app screenshots? Don't update all app images manually! Update all app images for all locales in an instant by generating them in Sketch automatically!

app-store-image-generator screenshot tool

Quick Setup

Requirements: Node.js, Sketch App

  1. Install node modules by running npm install (once)
  2. Open an empty Sketch project (and close all other Sketch project)
  3. Run npm run serveImages to serve the content of the image directory in ./data (since React Sketchapp cannot include images with local paths)
  4. Run npm run render in another terminal to generate the app images in Sketch. Sketch will hot reload.

Customising your app images

  • Set your locales and styling in config.js
  • Replace the default translation strings in ./data/translations.json
  • Replace the default app screenshots in ./data/screenshots

Source of device frames: