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ACrypto -- the Arduino Crypto Library -- v. 0.9 (alpha -- prerelase - dec 2011)

The ACrypto library is a collection of open-source code which implements
various cryptographic operations on the Arduino family of experimentation 

The code is released under GPL v3 license and comes with absolutely no
warranty. See the GPL v3 license agreement for details.
The authors have found the code useful in their projects and
we hope it will be of use to the Arduino community as well.

The library is located under lib/ACrypto. See INSTALL on instructions on
how to include the crypto functions in your projects.

Test code is under testing. There is both an Arduino project and a
code::blocks project for running tests on Intel/AMD platforms.

NOTE: The code is currently under development and should not be considered
an official release. A first "formal" release is planned feb 1. 2012.