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We have developed a state-of-the-art open-source C++ software for reconstructing membranes to achieve high-quality whole cell segmentations. Our software enables the quantification of cell morphologies, cell size, tissue interfaces, arrangement in tightly-packed tissues, and tissue geometry from time-lapse image sequences. Our software is generic, modular, scalable to large datasets, and provides an easy API for interfacing with other software systems. We have tested our methods on compute clusters and the code is intrinsically multi-threaded for multicore computer architectures. Our software has been developed in a cross-platform environment (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Software usage

We present step-by-step instructions for downloading source code, compiling, linking and running the membrane reconstruction algorithm is presented. Alternatively, we have also provided precompiled binaries for the popular flavors of different operating systems and 32/64-bit architectures.

Precompiled binaries for download



Windows 7 OS

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