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Home-Assistant component for Toon by Eneco
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Toon Home Assistant component

The toon component platform can be used to control your Toon thermostat. It uses the toonapilib library by Costas Tyfoxylos ( This component adds a climate device for your Toon thermostat and sensors for power and gas consumption.

Installation only for 0.88 or later

On your Home Assistant instance, go to <config directory>/custom_components. Place the toon folder in the custom_components folder

Installation only for 0.87 or earlier

On your Home Assistant instance, go to <config directory>/custom_components. place the contents of HA 0.87 or lower in the custom_components folder.


To use this custom component you will need to setup your own app using a Toon developer account. Don't worry, this will take a few minutes at most and is completely free of charge.

  1. Go to, fill in your details and accept the ToS.
  2. You should get an email with an activation link, click it, complete your account signup and make sure you log in.
  3. Open the My Apps page and click on "Add a new App".
  4. Enter an app name ("hass" for example), set the Callback URL to localhost and be sure to check the box next to "Toon" under "Product". You can now create your new app.
  5. Go back to the My Apps page and click on the newly created app. This should give you the required consumer_key and consumer_secret.

To add Toon to Home Assistant, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    username: YOUR_USERNAME
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD
    consumer_key: API_CONSUMER_KEY
    consumer_secret: API_CONSUMER_SECRET
    tenant: eneco
    display_name: eneco-XXX-XXXXX
  • username (Required): Username for Mijn Eneco.
  • password (Required): Password for Mijn Eneco.
  • consumer_key (Required): The consumer key of your Toon App.
  • consumer_secret (Required): The consumer secret of your Toon App.
  • tenant (Optional): The the tenant ID if your energy supplier, Eneco by default.
  • display_name (Optional): The display code/name of your Toon unit. Useful if you have multiple units in 1 account. You can find the code of your unit under "Your Toon" in the Toon app.

Note that the username and password fields should contain your Mijn Eneco (Toon app) credentials and should not be confused with your Toon developer account details.

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