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Drizzle JDBC

A BSD Licensed JDBC driver for MySQL and Drizzle.



Driver class


Connection string




Connection options

Connection options are appended to the connection string, like a http url.

Current supported options are;

  • useSSL=true - use ssl to connect (you need to do some java ssl magic to get it to work, look at the mysql documentation)
  • allowMultiQueries=true - allow sending several queries in one round trip to the server
  • connectTimeout=X - have an X second connection timeout.
  • createDB=true - create the given database if it does not exist when connecting.
  • enableBlobStreaming=true - experimental support for PBMS blob streaming.
  • noPrepStmtCache=true - Disable prepared statement cache.

Building and testing

To test you need to have:

  • a drizzle server running on localhost:3307
  • a mysql server running on localhost:3306

each server also needs to have a database callet test_units_jdbc and for the mysql one, full read/write rights to an anonymous user.

To build it without running tests, simply do mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package