JavaScript Class for converting SVG=>PNG and other operations.
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A small SVG to image converter. Works in browser or PhantomJS.

To use

  var simg = new Simg(svgElement);

  // Replace the current SVG with an image version of it.

  // And trigger a download of the rendered image.;

Live example

The example page in this repo is also hosted at

To install

You can install this code in your project in 3 ways:


Instances Methods

Simg.toString(svg) - Returns SVG as HTML content. Used internally.

Simg.toCanvas(cb) - Return canvas element with this SVG drawn inside. Used internally. Callback is optional.

Simg.toSvgImage(cb) - Creates an image with the SVG data. Used internally. Callback runs on image load.

Simg.toImg(cb) - Converts svg in to an image. Called the cb once the image is loaded so that you can place it anywhere.

Simg.replace(svg) - Shortcut to replace the SVG with an image version.

Simg.toBinaryBlog(svg) - Internal method for getting blob data. - Shortcut method for triggering a browser download of the SVG as an image (.png). You can pass optional filename. Default is 'chart'.

Static methods:

Simg.noConflict() - Allows you to move the Simg class from the global window to inside your own JavaScript library.

Simg.getBase64Image(imgReference) - Converts an image to base64 encoding so that we can display it inline.


To install

  • Git clone this repo
  • npm install

Grunt commands (for development only)

grunt - Shortcut for running both grunt uglify and grunt lint.

grunt uglify - Convert source file to compressed file.

grunt lint - Run source file through jshint


  • Many SVG's have transparent backgrounds that look white because of the website under it. Be sure to set a white background in your SVG if you want it in your image.
  • Simg works best with SVG or Canvas elements that have a fixed width and height. Percentages occasionally cause issues. If someone is feeling up to it, a helper function can be added that converts a % width/height SVG or Canvas element to its fixed pixel equivalent before conversion. One day I'll get around to doing it.


Thanks to the following contributors:

  • @clemsos - Suggesting naming download file and adding support for non-latin characters ie. Chinese.
  • @headwinds - Creating example page.
  • @brightrain - For Firefox workaround.
  • @B3rn475 - Fixed problem when the svg tag is not the only child.