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A collection of tools to migrate repos, clean projects of secrets, and properly license them.

This script reads the api info from to crawl a GitLab API for all repos. It then creates a new repo of the same name on GitHub (skipping duplicates). Last, it clones the old repo to a directory on the local machine, adds the new github origin, and pushes it to GitHub.

Crawls the GitHub API to find out general info about projects and exports it as a csv. Returns the project name, the projects' license (if GitHub can detect it), if the project has a README (again, if GitHub can detect it), and the number of branches the project has. Note that there is currently a bug where the GitHub API only gets the branch count for the first 30 projects.

A script to find all configuration files under a given directory path. Can be passed an optional output file (with -o outputfile) to export the results to.

Configuration files are any file named with 'config.' or 'settings.'.

Reads in a list of configuration files from a file (as output by, and creates a .example.* copy of each file.

It then reads each line of the new file looking for assignments (: or =), and allows the user to choose a replacement line from the options of:

  • the original line or
  • the line with an empty string replacing the value assignment or
  • the original that the user can edit inline

The new file is then loaded into vim for the user to edit further.

The list of new files (and any files skipped because of duplicate names) are output as a list.

Searches a directory, or the children of a directory, for missing LICENSE files and adds them. Prompts the user to pick licenses for each directory. A quick and easy way to bulk add licenses to repos. You'll still need to manually commit them, however - just in case.

Other Tools

In addition to these tools, you'll probably want to use BFG, Poirot, or Clouseau to clean your git history for any secure credentials.


A collection of tools to migrate repos, clean projects of secrets, and properly license them.




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