Kryptobits Exchange ICO Smart Contract
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Kryptobits Exchange ICO Smart Contract


Kryptobits Exchange will be the first new generation Exchange that will allow its users to get the most out of their cryptocurrencies with security and to be able to operate with fiat as if it were a bank.

As if that were not enough, users can receive and send payments from third parties in both crypto and fiat, with unique advantages that will be offered by their cryptocurrency 'Karto Coin' and its own trading system based on artificial intelligence.

The main purpose of our ICO is to give access to all users to be part of the great business of the exchange of cryptocurrencies and get benefit from the high performance it represents.


The Kryptobits tokens (KBE) will initially be offered through this Smart Contract over the Ethereum network.

A total of 1,802,500,000 tokens will be launched from Kryptobits, whose distribution will be available through this system in a total of 1,442,000,000, leaving the remaining tokens for the development team, the advisors and the economic and legal development of the infrastructure.

The tokens not sold during these phases will be burned forever, that is, no more Kriptobits tokens will be generated in the future.

The distribution of the 1,442,000,000 tokens of Kryptobits that will be offered for sale is described in the following table, by phases, quantity and estimated dates.

  • Token Standard ERC2O "Kryptobits" with the symbol "KBE", having 1.802.5 million units created.

  • 360.5 million for the the developer team, advisors and economic and legal development of infrastructure.

  • 200 million to € 0,05 per unit in PRE-ICO phase

  • 667 million to € 0,06 unit in phase 1

  • 375 million to € 0,08 the unit in phase 2

  • 200 million to € 0,10 the unit in phase 3

  • Total: 1,802.5 million units.

Crowdsale contract address (Investment Address)

Always double-check the crowdsale address in our official channels.


KBE Token Address



  • Python 3
  • 4


  • cd deployment Goes to deployment directory
  • ./ Compiles the contracts
  • ./ -n mainnet Deploys the contracts
  • ./ (-a <address> or -d <deployment_name>) Sets the configuration of the crowdsale