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The main objective of this project is to develop a new method for retina image parameterization as well as an improvement of the existing approaches by combining eye features into one integrated multilevel hierarchical model. The proposed segmentation methods is based on the graph-theory approach and describes the structure of retina layers, stage of selected vitreomacular pathologies (VMT and ERM), structure of blood vessels and other morphological features of the eye.

Scientific Representatives:

Agnieszka Stankiewicz, Tomasz Marciniak, Adam Dabrowski

POZNAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Department of Computing, Chair of Control and Systems Engineering, Division of Signal Processing and Electronic Systems Address: ul. Jana Pawla II 24, 61-138 Poznan, POLAND

Terms of Use

  1. This software is to be used only for investigational/research purposes. The Software may not be used in the diagnosis or treatment of patients.
  2. Please bear in mind that this Software is a "work-in-progress", and some features may not work properly. If you wish to improve this software please feel free to contact us at agnieszka.stankiewicz[at]put.poznan.pl or tomasz.marciniak[at]put.poznan.pl. Your help will be welcome!
  3. This software may not be used in a manner which generates income for the User.
  4. This software is and open-source free-of-charge implementation of algorithms developed by the Scientific Representatives.
  5. User agrees that Scientific Representatives shall receive appropriate recognition in any publication or presentation resulting from the use of this Software. A list of possible citations can be found at: http://krzyk87.github.io/OCTAnnotate/.

This software is distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2 (see licence file).