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2048 game clone using Yampa FRP library
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2048 game clone using Yampa FRP library

After trying to grasp the idea of FRP (mostly concentrating on Yampa library) I have finally found myself understanding it enough to write something simple.

yampa-2048 using Gloss

This project is based on some code by other people. I wasn't interested in implementing the logic of 2048 myself or drawing to Gloss window from scratch. As a result this repository contains some chunks of the code written by other people:

Josh Kirklin and his excellent implementation of 2048 in Elm provided me with the game logic.

Maia Werbos and her great implementation of 2048 using Gloss provided me with the rendering chunk of code.

I was able to come up with my solution after reading the code by Keera Studios and their amazing Haskanoid project


cabal sandbox init
cabal install --dependencies-only
cabal run

The gameplay is pretty simple. Nothing fancy. Try to survive for as long as possible.

Things I would like to change but probably won't:

  • Gloss lacks the ability to style the font, therefore those numbers don't look nice but as long as works it seems to be ok
  • I wanted the game to exit upon the Esc button press but didn't bother to investigate why it is not closing or how to do it
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