An app to make it easier to use your native language on Twitter
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This is a website/mobile app that makes it easier for people
to use their native language on Twitter.  It provides a menu
of common phrases that a user can select and use to compose a
tweet. Tweet2Learn is aimed especially at second-language learners
of their heritage language, to give them confidence in using a few
phrases in the language without worrying about spelling, complicated
keyboard input, and so on.  Start the conversation!

Tweet2Learn is being developed as part of the Indigenous Tweets project:

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed phrases:

* Peter Hill (Lakota)
* Phil Kelly (Manx Gaelic)
* Mícheál Ó Meachair (Irish)
* John Paul Montano (Nishnaabemwin)
* Kevin Scannell (Irish, Manx, Hawaiian)
* Karaitiana Taiuru (Māori)

We welcome all languages! If you'd like to contribute some phrases,
you can contact me by email:
kscanne at gmail.

If you like Tweet2Learn, please consider making a donation
to the Lakota Language Immersion Childcare on the Pine Ridge

Kevin Scannell
St. Louis
17 March 2013