IntlDateTimePatternGenerator class (PHP extension) — DateTimePatternGenerator from ICU for PHP, the missing intl part
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This PHP extension introduces IntlDateTimePatternGenerator class — the missing part from PHP's intl extension.

All kudos for the native PHP7 version send to xBazilio.


The motivation is described in .

Long story short: currently (with standard intl) there is no way to format a date internationally without a year field (like "February 10" or "10 февраля"). IntlDateTimePatternGenerator fixes this issue, see examples.


  • Install ICU libraries
    • i.e. sudo apt-get install libicu-dev for Debian-like systems
  • Build and install extension
    • phpize && ./configure && make && sudo make install

    Note: if you have PHP installed from sources you should use full paths: [/path/to/php/]phpize && ./configure --with-php-config=[/path/to/php/]php-config && make && sudo make install

  • Make sure you have in your php.ini

Note: if you didn't install the extension via make install you have to use a full path: extension=[/path/to/ext_src_dir/modules/]

  • Try it using example php example.php

Running via Docker

The easiest way to run PHP with the library is via docker:

  • docker build -t intl_dtpg .
  • docker run -it -v $(pwd):/code intl_dtpg php example.php

You can use this setup to generate an e.g. JSON file with all the formats you require without the need to install this library in production (which can be cumbersome).


See example.php.


foreach (['ru_RU', 'en_US', 'fr_FR', 'zh_CN', 'fa_IR'] as $locale) {
    echo $locale, PHP_EOL;

    $dtpg = new IntlDateTimePatternGenerator($locale);

    foreach (['MMMMd', 'MMMdHHmm', 'YYMMM', 'eeeeMMMMdH'] as $skeleton) {
        $pattern = $dtpg->findBestPattern($skeleton);
        $formatted = (new IntlDateFormatter($locale, 0, 0, null, null, $pattern))->format(1455111783);
        printf("  %s%s%s\n", str_pad($skeleton, 12), str_pad($pattern, 20), str_pad($formatted, 32));

  MMMMd       d MMMM              10 февраля
  MMMdHHmm    d MMM, H:mm         10 февр., 17:43
  YYMMM       LLL YY              Февр. 16
  eeeeMMMMdH  cccc, d MMMM, H     Среда, 10 февраля, 17
  MMMMd       MMMM d              February 10
  MMMdHHmm    MMM d, HH:mm        Feb 10, 17:43
  YYMMM       MMM YY              Feb 16
  eeeeMMMMdH  EEEE, MMMM d, HH    Wednesday, February 10, 17
  MMMMd       d MMMM              10 février
  MMMdHHmm    d MMM HH:mm         10 févr. 17:43
  YYMMM       MMM YY              févr. 16
  eeeeMMMMdH  EEEE d MMMM HH 'h'  mercredi 10 février 17 h
  MMMMd       M月d日            2月10日
  MMMdHHmm    M月d日 HH:mm      2月10日 17:43
  YYMMM       YY年M月           16年2月
  eeeeMMMMdH  M月d日EEEE H时   2月10日星期三 17时
  MMMMd       d LLLL              ۱۰ فوریه
  MMMdHHmm    d LLL،‏ H:mm     ۱۰ فوریه،‏ ۱۷:۴۳
  YYMMM       MMM YY G            فوریهٔ ۱۶ م.
  eeeeMMMMdH  EEEE d LLLL،‏ H  چهارشنبه ۱۰ فوریه،‏ ۱۷