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Tool for fast copying ZooKeeper data between different clusters. Originally it was developed for copying big volumes of configuration over WAN.


Requires apache maven 3.

mvn clean install


java -jar target/zkcopy.jar --source server:port/path --target server:port/path

With docker, use following commands:

docker pull ksprojects/zkcopy
docker run --rm -it ksprojects/zkcopy --source server:port/path --target server:port/path


Usage: zkcopy [-ci] [--help] [--timeout=<sessionTimeout>] [-b=<batchSize>]
              [-m=<mtime>] -s=server:port/path -t=server:port/path
      --help                  display this help and exit
                              Session timeout in milliseconds
                                Default: 40000
  -b, --batchSize=<batchSize> Batch write operations into transactions of this
                                many operations. Batch sizes are limited by the
                                jute.maxbuffer server-side config, usually
                                around 1 MB.
                                Default: 1000
  -c, --copyOnly[=<copyOnly>] set this flag if you do not want to remove nodes
                                that are removed on source
  -i, --ignoreEphemeralNodes[=<ignoreEphemeralNodes>]
                              set this flag to false if you do not want to copy
                                ephemeral ZNodes
  -m, --mtime=<mtime>         Ignore nodes older than mtime
                                Default: -1
  -s, --source=server:port/path
                              location of a source tree to copy

  -t, --target=server:port/path
                              target location

  -w, --workers=<workers>     number of concurrent workers to copy data
                                Default: 100