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Crashes IE9 after reading more and colapsing about 5 times. #24

robwafle opened this Issue Dec 28, 2011 · 8 comments

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Any ideas?


very odd. does this happen under any particular conditions? or does it happen, for example, with every example at ?


I found your plugin today, works great in Firefox and Chrome, but same issue of it crashing in IE.

Tested on two different machines, same problem.

When you click between the close and open options it eventually crashes (Anywhere between 1 to 15 attempts).

Great plugin though, once the bug is resolved I will use it live on my site.


I am so sorry about this bug! I hardly know where to start, though, since I haven't been able to reproduce it.

@berridgeab : where are you seeing the crash? on the demo page? Which version of IE? Is there any pattern at all to when it crashes IE? Do you have any extensions installed in the browser? How many other tabs open? Any additional information at all would be really helpful.


One more thing ... I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the expand/collapse functions using fadeIn/fadeOut (IE has historically had a tough time handling opacity in certain situations). Could you try with the following options and see if it still crashes?

      expandEffect: 'show',
      expandSpeed: 0,
      collapseEffect: 'hide',
      collapseSpeed: 0


Thanks for your fast response.

First Post -

Where are you seeing the crash?
My own page, I encorporated your plugin into my site (localhost version)

Is there any pattern at all to when it crashes IE?
No, seemingly random. Can happen on the expand or collapse function. Usually breaks in no more than 5 goes.

Which version of IE?
IE 9

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser?

How many other tabs open?
Just the tab that is crashing.

Any additional information at all would be really helpful?
Windows 7
JQuery 1.7.1
Seems to crash regardless of the content it is truncating.

Post 2 -

I can confirm the settings you posted above seem to have solved the issue. I sat for 5 minutes clicking the Expand / Collapse element and there was no crash. SlideUp and SlideDown also seem unaffected.

I restored the opacity settings and the crash happened within 5 clicks.

I am more bothered about the functionality than the effect. Again thanks for your help with this.


Hey, thanks again for the reports and the info to help troubleshoot. For now, I've updated the readme with a "Known Issue" section, along with the workaround of changing the *Effect options. I might change the default settings to a non-animating expand/collapse later. What do you think? Can I close this issue? Anything else I should be doing here?


SlideUp / SlideDown seems to work and looks ok so it may be worthwhile changing that to the default so the plugin can be downloaded in a fully functional state. Again thanks for your work with this plugin it works great.

@kswedberg kswedberg added a commit that closed this issue Apr 1, 2012
@kswedberg fixes #24. changed default expand and collapse effects to slideDown a…
…nd slideUp, respectively.
@kswedberg kswedberg closed this in c914740 Apr 1, 2012
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