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An Gmail Contextual Gadget, that allows viewing diffs if an commit url is mentioned in the email.
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This gadget will react if an link to a commit is found, it will then use the Github API to fetch the commit and colorize the diff. All this without ever going out of your inbox.

General information

This is just an simple - but working - "Google Contextual Gadget". It extends Gmail to allow fetching GitHub diff's if an apropriate link is found. You might think of it as an "Proof of Concept" - as it's clearly just a quick hack to get it done in one night ;-)

How to install

It can be installed by your own into gmail, if you're running on Google Apps - just by creating an new Application on the Market and then adding it to your Account.

If you'd like me to polish and publish this to the Google Enterprise Market - you'd have to fund me the publish fee, 100$... ;-)

Screenshot and movie

The gadget can be seen in action on youtube.


  • It's by no means "production" ready
  • as it's just a fun "hack" done in one night! :-)


Here are some links to get you started:


The source is MIT licensed, feel free to use it as a base for your own projects etc. It's nothing particulary well written etc ;-)

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