ruby gem that creates pinging loop, preventing heroku dyno from falling asleep.
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DynoPoker Build Status

Dynopoker is a gem which prevent your Heroku dyno from falling asleep.

Inspired and sponsored by


Dynopoker will command your app to ping itself every 30 minutes.


Put this line into your Gemfile:

gem 'dynopoker'


Add this configuration to your config file:

Dynopoker.configure do |config|
	config.address = ''
#  config.enable = false # default is true
#  config.poke_frequency = 123 # default is 1800s (30min)


Dynopoker is already doing what it was designed for. No extra features are needed. Code is very simple and well written. I recently added specs but I feel that those specs could be written better. Feel free to contribute.