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Welcome to kploy, an opinionated Kubernetes deployment system for appops. We use convention over configuration in order to enable you to run microservices-style applications with Kubernetes as simple and fast as possible.


See for installation and usage.


All of the following are included in the setup:

  • The pyk toolkit
  • Pretty-print tabular data with tabulate


  • In v0.10: adds experimental push and pull command via KAR
  • In v0.9: adds scale command (autoscale yet TBD)
  • In v0.8: adds debug command, some refactoring
  • In v0.7: adds support for environment data: automagic handling of Kubernetes Secrets on run
  • In v0.6: export command creates snapshot of app; can be imported when doing init
  • In v0.5: simple support for helm charts via remotes (*.url)
  • In v0.4: support for namespaces (via namespace field in Kployfile)
  • In v0.3: moved to Kubernauts org, new location is
  • In v0.2: init command and app management: resources via list and runtime statistics via stats
  • In v0.1: dryrun and run commands


kploy is now considered beta. This means the goal is now to stabilize the API, gather usage experience and community feedback. See the issue list for further planned features.