Sidecar container that watches Kubernetes PersistentVolumeClaim objects and triggers CreateVolume/DeleteVolume against a CSI endpoint
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Kubernetes external provisioner that works with CSI volumes.

This is an example external provisioner for Kubernetes which provisions using CSI Volume drivers.. It's under heavy development, so at this time is notes for the developers coding. Once complete this will change to something user friendly.


make csi-provisioner


Start Kubernetes

Run a local kubernetes cluster built from latest master code

Run Storage Provider

Use HostPath drivers

Go to drivers and run:

bin/hostpathplugin --drivername mydriver  --endpoint unix://tmp/csi.sock --nodeid foobar -v=5

Start external provisioner

bin/csi-provisioner -kubeconfig /var/run/kubernetes/admin.kubeconfig -alsologtostderr -provisioner csi-flex

Create Storage class, PVC, and Pod

kubectl create -f examples/sc.yaml
kubectl create -f example/pvc2.yaml
kubectl create -f example/pod.yaml

Delete PVC

kubectl delete -f example/pvc1.yaml

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