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Azure Blobfuse Container Storage Interface (CSI) Storage Plugin
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blobfuse CSI driver for Kubernetes

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This driver allows Kubernetes to use azure-storage-fuse, csi plugin name:

Container Images & CSI Compatibility:

Blobfuse CSI Driver Version Image v1.0.0
master branch yes
v0.4.0 yes
v0.3.0 yes

Kubernetes Compatibility

Blobfuse CSI Driver\Kubernetes Version 1.14+
master branch yes
v0.4.0 yes
v0.3.0 yes

Driver parameters

Please refer to driver parameters

storage class parameters are compatible with built-in blobfuse plugin


if cluster is based on Managed Service Identity(MSI), make sure all agent nodes have Contributor role for current resource group

Install blobfuse CSI driver on a kubernetes cluster

Please refer to install blobfuse csi driver


Kubernetes Development

Please refer to development guide


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