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Cluster Autoscaler on BaiduCloud

The cluster autoscaler on BaiduCloud scales worker nodes within any specified autoscaling group. It will run as a Deployment in your cluster. This README will go over some of the necessary steps required to get the cluster autoscaler up and running.

Kubernetes Version

Cluster autoscaler must run on v1.8.6 or greater.

Deployment Specification

1 ASG Setup (min: 1, max: 10, ASG Name: k8s-worker-asg-1)

kubectl apply -f examples/cluster-autoscaler-one-asg.yaml

Multiple ASG Setup

Multiple ASG Setup is not supported in BaiduCloud currently.

Common Notes and Gotchas:

  • By default, cluster autoscaler will not terminate nodes running pods in the kube-system namespace. You can override this default behaviour by passing in the --skip-nodes-with-system-pods=false flag.
  • By default, cluster autoscaler will wait 10 minutes between scale down operations, you can adjust this using the --scale-down-delay flag. E.g. --scale-down-delay=5m to decrease the scale down delay to 5 minutes.


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