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@losipiuk losipiuk released this Mar 19, 2019 · 41 commits to cluster-autoscaler-release-1.14 since this release

Changes since 1.13.0:

  • Update k8s/kubernetes dependency to 1.14
  • Update base debian (0.4.1)
  • (AWS) Update AWS EC2 instance type catalog
  • (AWS) Report ASGs using unknown AWS EC2 instance types
  • Add flags to ignore daemonsets and mirror pods when calculating resource utilization of a node
  • (GCE) Handle possible stockout/quota scale-up errors, by failing scalup
  • (Azure) Add cache for resource IDs of vmss instances
  • Tainting unneeded nodes as PreferNoSchedule
  • Removing nominatedNodeName annotation and moving to pod.Status.NominatedNodeName
  • Added a new method that uses pod packing to filter schedulable pods
  • (Azure) Fix windows name parsing for Azure VMAS nodes
  • Account for kernel reserved memory in capacity calculations
  • Cache exemplar ready node for each node group
  • (AWS) Adding ability to override allocatable resources via ASG tags.
  • Avoid panic in random expander
  • (GCE) Added migTargetSizeCache in GceCache to cache TargetSize calls for each GCEMig for each loop of the CA. The cache is invalidated during refresh that occurs during the start of each loop and during MIG size change (SetMigSize and DeleteInstances)
  • Fixing minor error handling bug in static autoscaler
  • (Azure) Fix AKS scaling issues for bulk deletion
  • (AWS) Allow custom AWS region overrides
  • Other smaller bug-fixes/cleanups


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