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Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package resourcelock
import (
metav1 ""
coordinationv1 ""
corev1 ""
const (
LeaderElectionRecordAnnotationKey = ""
EndpointsResourceLock = "endpoints"
ConfigMapsResourceLock = "configmaps"
LeasesResourceLock = "leases"
EndpointsLeasesResourceLock = "endpointsleases"
ConfigMapsLeasesResourceLock = "configmapsleases"
// LeaderElectionRecord is the record that is stored in the leader election annotation.
// This information should be used for observational purposes only and could be replaced
// with a random string (e.g. UUID) with only slight modification of this code.
// TODO(mikedanese): this should potentially be versioned
type LeaderElectionRecord struct {
// HolderIdentity is the ID that owns the lease. If empty, no one owns this lease and
// all callers may acquire. Versions of this library prior to Kubernetes 1.14 will not
// attempt to acquire leases with empty identities and will wait for the full lease
// interval to expire before attempting to reacquire. This value is set to empty when
// a client voluntarily steps down.
HolderIdentity string `json:"holderIdentity"`
LeaseDurationSeconds int `json:"leaseDurationSeconds"`
AcquireTime metav1.Time `json:"acquireTime"`
RenewTime metav1.Time `json:"renewTime"`
LeaderTransitions int `json:"leaderTransitions"`
// EventRecorder records a change in the ResourceLock.
type EventRecorder interface {
Eventf(obj runtime.Object, eventType, reason, message string, args ...interface{})
// ResourceLockConfig common data that exists across different
// resource locks
type ResourceLockConfig struct {
// Identity is the unique string identifying a lease holder across
// all participants in an election.
Identity string
// EventRecorder is optional.
EventRecorder EventRecorder
// Interface offers a common interface for locking on arbitrary
// resources used in leader election. The Interface is used
// to hide the details on specific implementations in order to allow
// them to change over time. This interface is strictly for use
// by the leaderelection code.
type Interface interface {
// Get returns the LeaderElectionRecord
Get(ctx context.Context) (*LeaderElectionRecord, []byte, error)
// Create attempts to create a LeaderElectionRecord
Create(ctx context.Context, ler LeaderElectionRecord) error
// Update will update and existing LeaderElectionRecord
Update(ctx context.Context, ler LeaderElectionRecord) error
// RecordEvent is used to record events
// Identity will return the locks Identity
Identity() string
// Describe is used to convert details on current resource lock
// into a string
Describe() string
// Manufacture will create a lock of a given type according to the input parameters
func New(lockType string, ns string, name string, coreClient corev1.CoreV1Interface, coordinationClient coordinationv1.CoordinationV1Interface, rlc ResourceLockConfig) (Interface, error) {
endpointsLock := &EndpointsLock{
EndpointsMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
Namespace: ns,
Name: name,
Client: coreClient,
LockConfig: rlc,
configmapLock := &ConfigMapLock{
ConfigMapMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
Namespace: ns,
Name: name,
Client: coreClient,
LockConfig: rlc,
leaseLock := &LeaseLock{
LeaseMeta: metav1.ObjectMeta{
Namespace: ns,
Name: name,
Client: coordinationClient,
LockConfig: rlc,
switch lockType {
case EndpointsResourceLock:
return endpointsLock, nil
case ConfigMapsResourceLock:
return configmapLock, nil
case LeasesResourceLock:
return leaseLock, nil
case EndpointsLeasesResourceLock:
return &MultiLock{
Primary: endpointsLock,
Secondary: leaseLock,
}, nil
case ConfigMapsLeasesResourceLock:
return &MultiLock{
Primary: configmapLock,
Secondary: leaseLock,
}, nil
return nil, fmt.Errorf("Invalid lock-type %s", lockType)
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