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Changing a cluster configuration

(This procedure is currently unnecessarily convoluted. Expect it to get streamlined!)

  • Edit the cluster spec: kops edit cluster ${NAME}

  • View the changes you are going to apply kops update cluster ${NAME}

  • Apply the changes for real kops update cluster ${NAME} --yes

  • See which nodes need to be restarted kops rolling-update cluster ${NAME}

  • Apply the rolling-update kops rolling-update cluster ${NAME} --yes

NOTE: rolling-update does not yet perform a real rolling update - it just shuts down machines in sequence with a delay; there will be downtime Issue #37 We have implemented a new feature that does drain and validate nodes. This feature is experimental, and you can use the new feature by setting export KOPS_FEATURE_FLAGS="+DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate".