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promoting drain and validate by setting feature flag to true

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chrislovecnm committed Sep 2, 2017
1 parent 134940f commit acb5e8b5a64233ed433c31213c16bd08e5529af9
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  2. +1 −1 pkg/featureflag/featureflag.go
@@ -53,10 +53,14 @@ kops rolling-update cluster
--bastion-interval duration Time to wait between restarting bastions (default 5m0s)
--cloudonly Perform rolling update without confirming progress with k8s
--drain-interval duration The duration that a rolling-update will wait after the node is drained. (default 1m30s)
--fail-on-drain-error The rolling-update will fail if draining a node fails. (default true)
--fail-on-validate-error The rolling-update will fail if the cluster fails to validate. (default true)
--force Force rolling update, even if no changes
--instance-group stringSlice List of instance groups to update (defaults to all if not specified)
--master-interval duration Time to wait between restarting masters (default 5m0s)
--node-interval duration Time to wait between restarting nodes (default 2m0s)
--validate-retries int The number of times that a node will be validated. Between validation kops sleeps the master-interval/2 or node-interval/2 duration. (default 8)
--yes perform rolling update without confirmation

@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ func Bool(b bool) *bool {
var DNSPreCreate = New("DNSPreCreate", Bool(true))

// DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate if set will use new rolling update code that will drain and validate.
var DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate = New("DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate", Bool(false))
var DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate = New("DrainAndValidateRollingUpdate", Bool(true))

// VPCSkipEnableDNSSupport if set will make that a VPC does not need DNSSupport enabled.
var VPCSkipEnableDNSSupport = New("VPCSkipEnableDNSSupport", Bool(false))

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