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Kubernetes repository infrastructure

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This repository contains repository infrastructure tools for use in kubernetes and kubernetes-incubator repositories. Examples:

  • Boilerplate verification
  • Go source code quality verification
  • Golang build infrastructure

Using this repository

This repository can be used via some golang "vendoring" mechanism (such as glide), or it can be used via git subtree.

Using "vendoring"

The exact mechanism to pull in this repository will vary depending on the tool you use. However, unless you end up having this repository at the root of your project's repository you will probably need to make sure you use the --rootdir command line parameter to let the verify-boilerplate.sh know its location, eg:

verify-boilerplate.sh --rootdir=/home/myrepo

Using git subtree

When using the git subtree mechanism, this repository should be placed in the top level of your project.

To add repo-infra to your repository, use the following commands from the root directory of your repository.

First, add a git remote for the repo-infra repository:

$ git remote add repo-infra git://github.com/kubernetes/repo-infra

This is not strictly necessary, but reduces the typing required for subsequent commands.

Next, use git subtree add to create a new subtree in the repo-infra directory within your project:

$ git subtree add -P repo-infra repo-infra master --squash

After this command, you will have:

  1. A repo-infra directory in your project containing the content of this project
  2. 2 new commits in the active branch:
    1. A commit that squashes the git history of the repo-infra project
    2. A merge commit whose ancestors are:
      1. The HEAD of the branch prior to when you ran git subtree add
      2. The commit containing the squashed repo-infra commits


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on how to contribute.