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## Planned Improvements

Kubernetes version 1.5 only allows resource quantities to be specified on a
Container. It is planned to improve accounting for resources that are shared by
all Containers in a Pod, such as
[emptyDir volumes](/docs/concepts/storage/volumes/#emptydir).

Kubernetes version 1.5 only supports Container requests and limits for CPU and
memory. It is planned to add new resource types, including a node disk space
resource, and a framework for adding custom
[resource types]({{< param "githubbranch" >}}/contributors/design-proposals/scheduling/

Kubernetes supports overcommitment of resources by supporting multiple levels of
[Quality of Service](

In Kubernetes version 1.5, one unit of CPU means different things on different
cloud providers, and on different machine types within the same cloud providers.
For example, on AWS, the capacity of a node is reported in
[ECUs](, while in GCE it is reported in logical
cores. We plan to revise the definition of the cpu resource to allow for more
consistency across providers and platforms.

{{% /capture %}}

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