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Instructions for Contributing to the Kubernetes Documentation

Welcome! We are very pleased you want to contribute to the Kubernetes documentation.

You can click the Fork button in the upper-right area of the screen to create a copy of this repository in your GitHub account called a fork. Make any changes you want in your fork, and when you are ready to send those changes to us, go to your fork and create a new pull request to let us know about it.

Once your pull request is created, a Kubernetes reviewer will take responsibility for providing clear, actionable feedback. As the owner of the pull request, it is your responsibility to modify your pull request to address the feedback that has been provided to you by the Kubernetes reviewer. Also note that you may end up having more than one Kubernetes reviewer provide you feedback or you may end up getting feedback from a Kubernetes reviewer that is different than the one originally assigned to provide you feedback. Furthermore, in some cases, one of your reviewers might ask for a technical review from a Kubernetes tech reviewer when needed. Reviewers will do their best to provide feedback in a timely fashion but response time can vary based on circumstances.

For more information about contributing to the Kubernetes documentation, see:

Building the site using Docker

If you'd like, you can build the Kubernetes docs using Docker. To get started, build the image locally:

make docker-image

# The underlying command:
docker build . \
  --tag kubernetes-hugo \
  --build-arg HUGO_VERSION=0.40.3

You can create an image for a different version of Hugo by changing the value of the HUGO_VERSION argument for the build. You must specify a version or the image will not build. Once the kubernetes-hugo image has been built locally, you can build the site:

make docker-serve

# The underlying command:
docker run \
  --rm \
  --interactive \
  --tty \
  --volume $(PWD):/src \
  -p 1313:1313 \
  kubernetes-hugo \
  hugo server \
  --watch \

As when building without using a Docker container, the results of the build will be published to the public directory (the default output directory for Hugo, the static site generator used to build this site).

Thank you!

Kubernetes thrives on community participation, and we really appreciate your contributions to our site and our documentation!