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Release v0.4.0

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@github-actions github-actions released this 05 Oct 10:26


  • Introduce a PolicyServer CRD that allow users to describe a Policy Server
    Deployment. The configuration of PolicyServer is now done through this
    resource, instead of using the policy-server ConfigMap.
  • ClusterAdmissionPolicy has the following changes:
    • A new PolicyStatus field which can be: unscheduled, unschedulable, pending or active
    • A new condition called PolicyActive.
    • A policyServer attribute. This is used to specify which instance of
      PolicyServer is going to host the policy. If nothing is specified, the
      policy will be scheduled on the PolicyServer named default. This one is
      created by the helm chart at installation time.
  • Introduce cert-manager dependency
  • PolicyServer and ClusterAdmissionPolicies are now validated and mutated by
    dedicated admission controllers. The kubewarden-controller is acting as
    validation endpoint for both of them.
  • All the resources created by the operator are now using