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Binary Ninja plugin that syncs WinDbg to Binary Ninja
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BinDbg is a Binary Ninja plugin that syncs WinDbg to Binja to create a fusion of dynamic and static analyses. It was primarily written to improve the Windows experience for Binja debugger integrations.

Features include:

  • Start and stop WinDbg directly in Binja
  • Control debugger execution and IP
  • Set and delete breakpoints
  • Set process arguments
  • Branch decision highlighting
  • vtable resolution and (rough) type identification
  • ASLR support

Demo video:

Likely full of bugs and oversights; issues and PR's welcomed :)


git clone within your Binary Ninja plugins folder (%APPDATA%\Binary Ninja\plugins), and install WinDbg via the Windows SDK for your version of Windows.

The following pip dependencies are required:

I recommend installing these on the system's native Python installation, then adding the site-packages folder to the PYTHONPATH environment variable instead of trying to install everything in Binja's embedded Python.

In, modify the pykd_path var to reflect the absolute path to pykd.dll, and the dbg_dir var to the Debuggers folder containing the x86 and x64 WinDbg folders.


  • Open target binary in Binja
  • Tools or right-click -> Initialize Toolbar for this view
  • Tools or right-click -> Set process arguments (if necessary)
  • Click Go on the toolbar to launch WinDbg
  • Open Memory/Registers windows in WinDbg as desired
  • Control execution (run, break, step out, step in, step over) using the buttons in the toolbar
  • Control IP (run to cursor, set IP) by right-clicking an instruction and selecting a command accordingly
  • Set or delete breakpoints by right-clicking an instruction and selecting a command accordingly
  • vtable calls and references will be automatically resolved as a Binja comment during execution
  • Click Stop on the toolbar to stop debugging


Many ideas (and code) were borrowed from the following projects:


This plugin is released under an MIT license.

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