ISO_8601 Scheduling for Clojure
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For scheduling task according to limited Repeating Time Interval Syntax of ISO 8601.


Clojars Project


nolan is a customizable scheduler which can schedule according to ISO_8601 syntax of Repeating Time Interval. It can be customized to make the schedules persistent to datastore of users choice by implementing a simple protocol.

(use 'nolan.core)

nolan comes with a inbuilt in-memory scheduler which keeps all schedules in a atom and its implementation can be used as a starting point for implementing custom schedulers.

(def sc (get-mem-scheduler))

in-memory scheduler can be used to schedule functions directly.

(add-schedule sc "R4//" #(println "ok")) ; schedule 4 times starting from `now` and tail previous execution
(def scid (add-schedule sc "R//PT2S" #(println "ok"))) ; schedule indefinitely starting from `now` every 2 seconds

add-schedule returns a schedule id which can be used to expire a scehdule which stops all further executions and removes it from schedule store.

(expire sc scid)
(expired? s cscid) ;=> true

Custom Schedule Stores

MemScheduleStore in namespace can be used as a reference for implementing custom stores by extending protocol ScheduleStore.


Copyright © 2014 kul

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.