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A playground for Ethereum crypto-contracts. Inspect contracts, activate them with a transaction, and try your hand at creating your own.

More information about ethereum available on the forums. Meet others on freenode using a webclient or your own.

I originally built this to help teach myself how crypto-contracts work. Interest from the community has prompted me to develop it into an interactive tutorial. It is still a crude prototype, and a work in progress. Please let me know how we might improve it by filing an issue.


Try the latest version here. Or watch a community-made demo video:

Ethereum Namecoin contract demo


If you want to get this up and running locally, you'll first need a few things:

Next, we can bring down the repo, and install dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/k1n0k0/ethereum-simulator.git
cd ethereum-simulator
npm install

Now let's run it!

npm start


If this simulator helped you understand how ethereum works, please support this project. If you want to learn more about how ethereum works and how you can use it, please support this project. If you think ethereum has the power to change the world, please support this project.

You can help support the development of tools for ethereum education and advocacy by

  • contributing code
  • contributing BTC to the development fund
  • telling more people about the simulator

Donations are accepted at BTC 14AYZ8qR8GDroQD72sisztMqnErYWnLqN8