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A couple of scripts for the Sketch app.
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Sketch Plugin Scripts

A couple of scripts for the Sketch app.

Randomly Distribute

Duplicate the selected object(s) and distribute them across the artboard, randomly rotating them.

Randomly Distribute

Randomly Rotate

Randomly rotate the selected object(s).

Randomise Grid

Add a bit of randomisation to a group of objects, by adjusting their position and rotation.

Randomise Grid


Take an object and duplicate by a user-defined amount to create a marching group.


Swap Objects

Swap the position of two objects, taking into account their difference in height.

Swap Objects

Simple Mail Merge

Duplicate an art board or group and replace the text inside the labels with user-provided data. This plugin expects csv data and will replace numeric tags (tagged with curly braces {}) with the csv data.

Note: this plugin has been moved to its own repository:


  1. Download the ZIP file with the Plugins
  2. Copy the contents to the plugin folder (Open up Sketch, and go to PluginsReveal Plugins Folder… to open it.)

Plugin Folder Path

  • App Store: ~/Library/Containers/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Data/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins

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