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An implementation of Split-Ordered List Extensible Hashtable in C

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This is an implementation of Split-Ordered List based extensible Hashtables using SMR for reclamation.

For a better understanding of the algorithms behind it read the following awesome papers:

For the Split-Ordered List based hashtable:
"Split-Ordered Lists: Lock-Free Extensible Hash Tables" by Ori Shalev & Nir Shavit

For SMR of the Split-Ordered List:

"High Performance Dynamic Lock-Free Hash Tables and List-Based Sets" by Maged M. Michael

For SMR itself (hazard pointers):
"Safe Memory Reclamation for Dynamic Lock-Free Objects Using Atomic Reads and Writes" by Maged M. Michael

The code doesn't work on its own as one has to plugin the SMR machinery.

Some functions are very specific to the kind of scenario I plan to use it so they might look useless.

Code is released under the MIT license.

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