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A simple data transfer object
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This class is designed to make it easy to add and view data. Load objects, arrays, or json; read with object, array, or dot notation; output to json string.


You can instantiate the class with an array, arrayable object, or json string. These are all equivalent:

$object = new StdObject;
$object->foo = 'bar';

$dto = new DTO($object);
$dto = new DTO(['foo'=>'bar']);
$dto = new DTO('{"foo":"bar"}');

$dto = DTO::make($object);
$dto = DTO::make(['foo'=>'bar']);
$dto = DTO::make('{"foo":"bar"}');

Read data with array, object, or dot notation:

echo $dto['x'];
echo $dto->x;
echo $dto->get('x');

These will also handle nested sets:

echo $dto['x']['y']['z'];
echo $dto->x->y->z;
echo $dto->get('x.y.z');

By default, an empty string will be returned if a missing property is accessed. Other possibilities:

$dto = new DTO([], 'x');            // instantiate with a given default
$dto->setDefault('x');              // change the default
$dto->get('', 'x');      // override default for this method call
$dto->setDefault(Null);             // throw an UndefinedProperty exception

Add new data with array or object notation:

$dto['x'] = 'y';
$dto->x = 'y';

Count and iterate the properties:

$dto = new DTO([...])
$count = count($dto);
foreach($dto as $key=>$value)
    // do something

Laravel Support

There are two versions of the data transfer object that implement Laravel-specific interfaces. Use one of these classes if you want Laravel to work with DTOs as first-class Laravel objects.

  • Laravel4DTO implements JsonableInterface and ArrayableInterface
  • Laravel5DTO implements Jsonable and Arrayable

You can use these to sanitize output before you send it to a view, eg:

$models = Model::all();
$output = [];
foreach($models as $model)
    $output[] = new Laravel4DTO([
        'name' => $model->name,
        'paid' => $model->payments->sum('payment_amount'),
return new Collection($output);


Install the package via Composer. Edit your composer.json file as follows:

"require": {
    "kumuwai/data-transfer-object": "dev-master"

Next, update Composer from the terminal:

composer update


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