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IDE extensions for the Xtext grammar language, mainly for VSCode and Theia/Gitpod
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Xtext IDE Extensions

This project contains several IDE extensions for the Xtext grammar language, mainly for VSCode and Theia/Gitpod editors. Each one located at its own sub directory.

List of Supported Extensions

  • VS Code (syntax highlighting, folding, brackets)
  • Theia/Gitpod (syntax highlighting, folding, brackets)

Development Hint

All extensions are mainly based on "grammars" for synatx highlighting which have been written using the syntax hightlighting "grammar" online editor Iro capable to issue "grammars" for Textmate, Atom, Sublime and others. For details see Chris Ainsley's article on it.

In case of Textmate Iro creates .plist files. As it is more convinient and more common to use Textmate grammars in JSON format, the .plist file has been transformed using the service

The Iro base file for all extension may be found in the root of the project: Xtext.iro.

Contributions are wellcome. Please try to use the Iro file and its editor to ensure all extension benefit from in case the syntax highlighting is improved.

For a good starting point highlighting scripts are provided in this repository for

  • ACE editor
  • Atom editor

Iro supports further editor highlighting mechanism and creates appropriate files for it. Take it as a starting point. Support edior highlighting mechamisms are

  • Pygments
  • Rouge
  • Sublime 3
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