Scaffold application to get started with Fabulous
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Fabulous Scaffold Application

Packages Included

  • Fabulous.Core for doing all the Fabulous stuff
  • Fabulous.LiveReload : Not using is currently as it is not working for multiple files
  • Akavache for storing data with support of in memory data in debug mode and local storage in release mode
  • Bogus for generating data in debug more


  • Divided into Authentication and Application modules
  • While Authentication will take Login and SignUp as Tab Page
  • Application will take multiple pages as part of Application
  • All pages are stacked as part of Navigation page from Xamarin Forms

Issues solved

  • List will not fully refresh every time you come back to page
  • Page data including list will be updated every time you come back to page
  • Extendable architecture to allow big business application to graw in Lego fashion.
  • Every data access is pushed to Thread pool for maximum performance. *Be careful you might need to switch back to UI thread of UI thread related stuff. *
  • UI it totally non-blocking.
  • Data generation is happening in async parallel. Not required but provide good example of how things can be async and parallel.
  • Entry cell text change is working smooth on Android also. Thanks to debounce.


  • All contribution are always welcome. You can help this app to make is better and faster.
  • There are few obvious UI related things I like in this app to happen, animation while page changes, icons, neat arrangement etc.
  • Notification library works well with this app but I haven't added it keep it simple.
  • Xamarin Essential also works fine but haven't found good and simple use case to include.