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GeoIP binding for nodejs(>=0.10) and iojs

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Get geolocation information based on domain or IP address.


Since this module required to compile geoip c library during the installtion, due to the difficulty of compilifa this c library on windows, currenlty, this module can not be used on windows, yet.

I recommend that choosing a pure javascript implementation instead, node-geoip maybe your best candicate.

###Technical Architecture


###Memory leak issue As up to the version 0.4.7 (commit 22dadd98646f75318412b54b3de90cc079d34b1d), there will be some memory leak when new a object from GeoIP class.

Here is the report, I'll update it frequently.

Fortunately, the number of leaked bytes is not huge, and you wont new a object very offen.

If you are willing to fix this but, please fork this project.

###Need support special database? Corrently, this package supports the most common databases from MaxMind.

But, it still a lot of special databases out there.

Since I am not a user of any product/service of maxmind, if you require this pacakge to support special db, please make sure you can delivery the testing db and the ip address/domain that can be used to against the db.


[sudo] npm install geoip [-g]


See usage doc.