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ESP32 PDM Microphone (SPM0405HD4H) and built-in DAC/PDM output Example

This is based on ESP-IDF i2s_adc_dac Example. Adapted to PlatformIO IDE for VSCode

Please refer to for details.

  • This is an example of:
    • Recording sound from PDM Microphone (SPM0405HD4H)
    • Replay the recorded sound via PDM or DAC
    • Play an audio file in flash

  • Run this example
    • Set partition table to "partitions_adc_dac_example.csv" in platformio.ini

  • This example will execute the following steps:
    1. Erase flash
    2. Record audio from PDM microphone and save in flash
    3. Read flash and replay the sound via PDM or DAC
    4. Play an example audio file(file format: 8bit/8khz/single channel)
    5. Loop back to step 3

  • How to generate audio files:

    • tools/ is an example of generate audio table from .wav files.
    • In this example, the wav file must be in 16k/16bit mono format.
    • will bundle the wav files into a single table named audio_example_file.h
    • Since the ADC can only play 8-bit data, the script will scale each 16-bit value to a 8-bit value.
    • Since the ADC can only output positive value, the script will turn a signed value into an unsigned value.

  • Note:
    • DAC can only play 8-bit data, so the wav file data are scaled to 8-bit data.
    • I2S DMA can only output 16-bit/32-bit data to DAC, DAC will only take the highest 8-bit data and output accordingly.
    • Before I2S DMA can output data stream to DAC, the data format should be converted to 16-bit or 32-bit by padding zeros.
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