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browser only cms

Dependencies: any modern browser and your favorite text editor.

Open the index.html with your browser.

  • Your browser is the server
  • Your CMS is the content folder
  • Your CMS editor is your favorite text-editor.

To edit the content open the content/text/app-data.js file and refresh your browser to see the update.


This is an idea for a very minimalistic CMS solution.

You only need a browser to run the CMS solution. No web-server or DB are needed to host your CMS solution.

The content is separated to a resource folder (the content folder). Text resources are stored inside a JavaScript file and not on a markup (html) page.

Here’s a snippet example of multiline text in markdown format stored in the resource file. = {
   multiline: function() {
# Fruits
**Today we have** 
  * apple
  * orange
  * banana
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