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launch: Focus next window if top-to-focus is already top

When bringing a couple of windows to front, and the thought-out topmost
of those already is the topmost window, then we skip focusing that window.
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1 parent d4b9633 commit b74c458621ab7de05669612c3749ca8704f16287 Ulrik Sverdrup committed Apr 7, 2011
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@@ -266,6 +266,9 @@ def normal_window(window):
if (cur_wspc_windows and
set(vis_windows[-len(cur_wspc_windows):]) != set(cur_wspc_windows)):
focus_windows = cur_wspc_windows
+ ## if the topmost window is already active, take another
+ if focus_windows[-1:] == vis_windows[-1:]:
+ focus_windows[:] = focus_windows[:-1]
# all windows are focused, find on next workspace
for wspc in all_workspaces[1:]:

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