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LSTM Poetry

This is the result of running a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on a 26MB file of popular song lyrics. The training took about 30h on a GTX 960. Due to copyright restrictions, the input file is not provided, but you can download the trained weights to create some random "poetry".

Simply place the downloaded file in data/poet and run ./

Change the TEMPERATURE parameter in ./ to vary the degree of randomness.

To train on your own input file,

  • place the content in the file input.txt
  • edit work_dir in
  • run ./


You will need TensorFlow (works on version 0.7.1 but not on earlier releases) and a few other python libs. To use the trained example, you don't need special hardware (e.g. a GPU), you can run TensorFlow on the CPU, but if you plan to train on your own input text, it will take forever without a GPU-accelerated hardware.


Here are some samples of what text can the network produce:

Input text: "A butterfly in "

A butterfly in the sun
Just because I know that I should leave this heart for you
You said I was falling apart

I wish I were you
I wanted you to know how I feel
I could have settled it all

It's time to go and do it big and you can be my side
I can't believe it when I see you
I'm lost in the world and I can't see you cry
I'm asking you to love me then let me go
I can't stop this way

A butterfly in the mirror
The world will find the soul and the truth
The stars are singing the songs
I want a holiday, I want you to stay away
I need you to stay away

A butterfly in the middle
To tell you that the life is safe

Have you seen the sun and the most of the guy

We are the spirit of the beast
The way that we started love
Let the sun shine on your face
We will hear you fall apart