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This is an adaptation of Vasile Cotovanu's vehicle simulator to ATS data released by MTA NYCT.  The demo dataset contains trains active on May 31, 2011, between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

As ever, there's no ATS data in the un-resignalled parts of the Bronx.  Northbound trains are tracked relatively accurately (albeit with the intermediate stops missing), but southbound trains will appear to skip E. 180 St station, along with the stations actually in the ATS dead zone.

The frontend is mostly unchanged from Vasile Cotovanu's codebase for the SBB simulator, with the following major changes:
* Make infobox slightly transparent and draggable, using jQuery UI
* Dim stations in the infobox after the train has departed automatically (otherwise the box would have to be manually refreshed)
* Add speed in MPH in train tooltip (the speeds are, of course, only an estimate)