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If you're paranoid enough not to use Punto switcher

Simple keyboard layout switcher. As lightweight as you can easily ensure it doesn't contain any spyware, even if you're not a programming guru.


  • Run
  • Type a word anywhere
  • Press Pause/Break until the word is typed in a right layout
  • Profit!

Launching the program the second time shows the settings window, even if it is a hidden mode (no tray icon shown)

Improvements to be implemented

  • Code refactoring and many comments
  • Restoring clipboard contents after transformation of selected text
  • Build script
  • Donation form :)


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Known bugs

If you experience erasing the word and retyping it again in the same layout (as did I, in skype), try to increase the switch delay in settings window (200 ms works for me). If you know any workaround for this, your help would be much appreciated.