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GNU Build-id providing service
Python Shell
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This is simple python and Django based service which provides details of GNU build-ids
from various ELF files from the RPM packages. The service is divided into two
different parts.

Fedora wiki URL


* Python >= 2.6
* Django >= 1.1.2
* elf-utils
* koji
* rpmdevtools
* mysql server
* httpd
* mod_wsgi
* mysql
* MySQL-python
* redis
* wget
* python-retask
* python-cmd2
* python-requests
* python-BeautifulSoup

Web server

First setup the database details in access at /etc/darkserver/darkserverweb.conf

To start the server use the following command:

$ python runserver 8080

This will start the server at port 8080. If you want to start the server in a
different port you can provide it as a command line argument.

Koji Plugin
You can setup the koji-plugin in the koji-hub. Provide the same database details
to populate the database.
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