simple terminal emulation for win32
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This is the WinTTY terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows.

WinTTY compiles using MinGW or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Building with MinGW
Simply run "make". The resulting executable ("wintty.exe") should appear
in the root of the working directory.

Building with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Open vcbuild/wintty.sln, and select "Build" -> "Build Solution" from the
menu. The resulting executable ("wintty.exe") should appear in
./vcbuild/Debug for Debug builds, or ./vcbuild/Release for Release builds.

run "wintty.exe %COMSPEC%" to run from cmd.exe, or "wintty.exe /bin/sh"
to run from the msys environment. Both command launches a new shell of
the same type as the shell it was invoked from.